Doge Mask

Gather the attention of your peers with a Doge Mask. “Much cool, so wow” is all you’ll ever hear when you walk by with a latex Doge mask. Be the Doge you were always meant to be! A Shiba Inu mask with a flair for the limelight!

Be one of the first people to own a Doge mask and be an early pioneer for a Doge based society. Its gonna happen people.



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We Accept Dogecoin!

Because it would be ridiculous not to. We also have a permanent 15% off when you pay with Dogecoin.

We accept non-Doge related money

We accept stuff like paypal, credit card and bitcoin. We're not really sure why.

Impress your friends!

You'll turn heads, humans, dogs and pineapples. You'll leave them saying "wow".